What is multivitamin good for? 

Nowadays, multivitamins are more important than ever in our current busy work and fast paced life. Hectic schedule and less time to have proper meals packed with nutrition make people rely on multivitamins to help themselves feel healthy and keep them going throughout the day. Thus, is taking multivitamin everyday good? Absolutely yes!

Multivitamins nowadays come in a variety of forms and price tags. Probably in the past it was solely available in tablet and pill form but nowadays we also see it in the form of chewable gummies and liquid. This makes multivitamin consumption more convenient and tastier too. With so many brands and types of multivitamin on the market shelves, it can be rather confusing what to choose and which suits more. Good news is any multivitamins should be fine for consumption unless you have other diseases such as diabetes and kidney problems. Those with such diseases might want to be extra cautious with added sugar content or multivitamin content itself which might cause reaction with their current medication or worsening current diseases.

Multivitamin is here to stay because it does bring a lot of benefits for consumers. Here are some facts that might intrigue those who were never onboard on multivitamin venture (good things are meant to be shared, right?):

1-Improve immunity system

The last 2 years of Covid-19 is a wake-up call as people realise how important a body with strong immunity is capable of fighting against Covid-19. Multivitamin helps maintain and improve the body immunity system from infections. Vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc play an important role in the immune system and you can easily get this from multivitamin.

2-Prevent cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is a disease that involves the heart and blood vessels. It is no surprise that heart disease is at an all time high due to the bad lifestyle of the modern world. One of the heart diseases that can cause death is coronary heart disease. This can be prevented by taking multivitamin as nutrients contained within, is able to lower blood pressure and affect the blood vessel function.

3-Lowering risk for cancer

Cancer is definitely a terrifying disease that haunts a person throughout their lifetime. Death-related cancer such as breast cancer and colon cancer (large intestine cancer) may be prevented by consumption of multivitamin. Certain nutrients in multivitamin may inhibit the growth or progress of cancer cells.

4-Better state of mind

Mental disorder and mood disorder has been proved as one of debilitating hindrances for a person to have a meaningful life. Practising a nutritious diet helps improve general well being and nurture the mind.  Reports shown vitamin B complex or multivitamin helps improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

5-Helps staying young

Pretty sure everyone wants to stay young as being young and healthy means there are more chances of enjoying what the world has offered.  Taking multivitamin may help you stay young by providing antioxidants and zinc. These two components are proven to prevent maturing and early damages to cells. Risk for diseases such as cataract and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) , which is common among elderly, can be lowered significantly by implementing daily multivitamins.

Multivitamins should be a staple in our daily life. There is so much benefit a multivitamin can offer for everyone in any stage of life. However, people need to understand that multivitamin is a supplement and a supplement should not replace what is really important for our body, which is healthy nutritional food. A balanced nutritious meal and healthy lifestyle is still the best way for us to have a good life.